I take way to many pictures....

and it's impossible to keep up with posting everything! so, here's a bunch of random pictures I have on my computer, but haven't been able to post yet. There's some from Lake Tahoe, different hiking trips, playing in the backyard, and some from home! Enjoy!

Growing up

Growing up is stressful; bills, school, work, grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning....ughhh, boy does it get exhausting! however, it's nice to be able to get away for a weekend with the family. This trip included mom, brother, brian, kona, and the extended side of mom's family! 


looking out the bedroom window...

our home for the weekend

strike a pose!


Brian and I 

hanging out at the golf course

napping with "grandpa"

hiking (more like, playing in the water)

my favorite picture from the whole weekend

of course, she had to see how the snow tasted!

brian and kona

chasing waves

Brian and my mom

i somehow manage to capture her tongue sticking out all the time

tired puppy

kona and my brother

soccer dog!

another close up. how can you not love that face??

Needless to say, it was a fun filled weekend! She's still exhausted....

Today, I somehow convinced myself that she needed MORE toys (which she really doesn't) and we made a trip to petsmart....where she picked out three more. And I made her pose with a red bandana on. Just because.

We like to have photo shoots... no, really! she loves em!

We have a new addition to the family! Meet my roommate Jess and her dog Roxii :)

psycho puppy...

playing outside with roxii

she loves the camera, see!

ohhh rox!

just chillin!