Alright, so in a previous post here I mentioned the word "paleo" when referring to ice cream and I can just see the she's-gone-completely-nuts look on your face right now! Well, for your own sake, STOP IT and just browse through the links and read this page already!

a little re-evolving never hurt anybody!

I'll answer the questions I already know you're going to ask. I've been through this a million times.


Well, for beginners, paleo is short for paleoithic. As in dinosaurs and cavemen and fire and rocks and pet mammoths. Except I'm referring to the diet, not the era. The Paleo Diet is based on Robb Wolf's wonderful book The Paleo Solution and consists of eating lean meats, fruits, veggies, and nuts. That means no dairy, grains, or legumes, or added sugars.

"The premise of Paleo is that we've evolved a certain way, and we've evolved to thrive on foods that have been around the longest"

okay, you have my attention... now what!?

Well, that's for you to find out. TRY IT, even for a day! Find a website with awesome pictures of the food. Cook. Grocery Shop. But most importantly think before you eat. Today's world is turning us fat, literally. Fast food joints on every corner... high fructose corn syrup, corn starch, etc. in everything..... Go to farmer's markets, buy local.... blah blah blah I'm just preaching to the choir, right? DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH! okay, i'll stop nagging ;)

a little bit off, but you get the point

It's become popular in the Crossfit world....and is now starting to be talked about in the "real world". I personally would recommend going on the Paleo diet starting with a whole 30 because it will literally change your life. No, really! There's testimonials that will blow your mind.

My boyfriend Brian has been eating this way for almost a year or so (i think?) and he's probably the healthiest person I know. Plus, he's a fantastic cook! I, on the other hand, ate strict paleo for a while.... and started slacking because, well, chocolate chip cookies and cereal are my weakness. BUT, when I was eating this way, I felt amazing, inside and out. I promise, I'm going to start back up....eventually!

However, seeing as I'm no expert, I'm just going to post a few links on here for you to do your own research. Good luck!

click here...and here...

You can also Google paleo diet
 (or just click that link and the hard part has been done for you)