sit back and reeeeelax

I love Jack Johnson.  I guess I can happily blame Brian for this, seeing as since we began dating, it's practically the soundtrack to our life. If somebody were to buy me tickets to a concert, I would claim them as my new best friend. I will see a concert before I die. It's on my bucket list... Too bad he only plays in Europe this summer.

I'm obsessing about this song.... again

Kona's big adventure of the week: RIVER HIKING.

just hanging out... eating mud and sticks

oh, she also loves Brian; you could say they're partners in crime..

I spy a duck!

tired puppy.

I don't know what it is, but hiking by the river is my newest favorite thing, besides iced chai on a hot summer morning and laying in the cool grass reading at the park. Maybe its because it's literally a five minute drive from home? Or maybe because it's an awesome escape from the city? I don't know, but I do know that I'll always been an outdoor-girl at heart. Oh, and Kona doesn't mind the great exercise or duck watching either... 


I'm just trying to get you caught up!

I've had Kona for about... three weeks now, which means I already have a million pictures and dog toys. 

So far we have:

including grandma, grandpa, david, and all the other pets... 

 My dad is the biggest softee when it comes to puppies. He absolutely loves kona!


Family picture with Brian :) 
 Kona was so interested 
in the other dogs and people at the park, 
but wasn't quite brave enough to bark 
or even run five feet away from the blanket!
She ate enough grass to last her a lifetime.... Oyyy vei!

(despite the ton of dog toys I've bought for her)


and one not her size...

It's amazing how such a little puppy can have this big of a personality!

and so it begins...

First blog; first post; no pressure, right? Well, here it goes... wish me luck! 

I'm a college student, trying to just get through the day: biology major, working at a physical therapy office, finding time for the gym, and eating as healthy as possible. I grew up with at least four dogs, four cats, and the constant flow of goldfish being flushed and purchased; let's just say I've always been an animal person. After moving into my own apartment, it got lonely. Who was I supposed to talk to? Who was going to sit and watch the food network with me or episodes of Lost for hours on end and not complain? Who would listen to all my problems and not say a word? I certainly am not going to start talking to myself... I'd go crazy!

So, what did I do?

I had to convince mom and dad to let me get a puppy, and to my disappointment, the first two times were complete failures. However, as the old saying goes... the third time is a charm.

Say hello to Kona: