and so it begins...

First blog; first post; no pressure, right? Well, here it goes... wish me luck! 

I'm a college student, trying to just get through the day: biology major, working at a physical therapy office, finding time for the gym, and eating as healthy as possible. I grew up with at least four dogs, four cats, and the constant flow of goldfish being flushed and purchased; let's just say I've always been an animal person. After moving into my own apartment, it got lonely. Who was I supposed to talk to? Who was going to sit and watch the food network with me or episodes of Lost for hours on end and not complain? Who would listen to all my problems and not say a word? I certainly am not going to start talking to myself... I'd go crazy!

So, what did I do?

I had to convince mom and dad to let me get a puppy, and to my disappointment, the first two times were complete failures. However, as the old saying goes... the third time is a charm.

Say hello to Kona:

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