where in the world...

...have I been, you might ask?!

Well, I've been instagram-ing every picture I take, eating lots of yummy cantaloupe, chasing kona around, visiting my parents, and getting ready to start school once again. I've realized that throughout this whole summer, I've only soaked up the sun by the lake (or pool) like...three times? maaan, I missed out!

I can't even begin to explain how excited I am for school and yes, I know it's just college, but I feel like a little kid. I'm ready to have a set schedule, be super busy to the point of passing out as soon as I hit the pillow at night. I AM READY. 

This afternoon Brian and I drove home to eat some steak for dinner and went for a walk downtown to check out the old cars. Of course, being a small town, it was already starting to close down because it was 7pm. haha! 

My dad would love this truck

the old gas station. i love that they didn't tear it down!

cantaloupe...as big as my head!

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