writer's block

I seriously don't know what to type. It's like the words are stuck in my head...maybe? Or there's just a lot going on which eventually leads to frustration. Even Kona is stressed out. But, I have been very efficient at taking pictures, so here you go!

favorite movie

kona is just always so focused!

i just love the little samples they always give out. it makes me feel like i have gigantic hands!

Kona has been freaking out because we're getting our apartment building painted.
 Problem: the workers have to power wash and cover windows with plastic, requiring them to stand on our porch. 
Well, according to Kona, they're not allowed there. like at all.
So, she gets to spend another week at Camp Grandma!

And of course if I'm bringing her down to my mom's, it's almost necessary to go to lunch!

LocationCafe Girasole
On the menu: Ponderosa wrap (for me), Curry Chicken salad sandwich (for mom)

And let me tell you, it was AMAZING. the combo of the warm, fresh turkey and bacon with crisp romaine lettuce and cucumbers was perfect! I'd go back over and over to get this exact thing.

sorry it's so blurry! :(

i love all the sunflower decor :)

I want to make this poster sized to put in my room!

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