My mom just passed a major milestone... Happy 50th Birthday Mom! So to celebrate the special occasion of course we went to dinner. 

Location of choice: 

please excuse the darkness of the picture,
 but it does capture the cozy atmosphere very appropriately!

On the menu:

Steak with prawns and veggies

 Crab-stuffed salmon with lemon capers sauce and veggies
the crab added a flavorful touch to the already rich tasting salmon
 and the sauce was perfectly lemon-y!

Not to mention the service was fantastic (the waiter told me to give him a shout out!) and the atmosphere was fancy yet comfortable with lovely, live background music!

 I would highly recommend this as a place to go on a date, take the family, or treat yourself to a dessert like this one....

once again, excuse my poor photography skills, I was overly excited to start eating the cheesecake and was less worried about how my picture turned out!

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