7 random things

I found a really cool idea on my friend's blog italktofood.com that included 7 random facts about her.... so i thought I would share some facts about myself! Oh I'll probably throw some pictures in there too :)

1. I'm secretly afraid of jumping into deep water....actually, any water for that matter. It seriously FREAKS ME OUT. The idea of jumping into the unknown where I could possibly drown or suffocate is my worst fear. 

2. I sit in the same exact chair, in the same exact location in every class, whether its by the window or the door or the very front of the room. That's where I'm most comfortable!

3. I'm a hopeless romantic... I melt for roses and chocolates and cheesy pick up lines and home-cooked dinner. I'm going to go ahead and blame my parents on this one for being so old fashioned... sorry mom and dad ;)

4. In kindergarten, I managed to make a home-made lever out of a stick and launched a rock at myself. I failed at the catching it with my hands part, but my face did a nice job! I had to get three stitches between my eyes and got to miss a week of school.

5. I have never been fond of school. Until college. I liked the actual school part, but the social aspect has freaked me out ever since first grade. It's not that I don't have friends... I just don't like all the pressure to look cute or act the right "cool" way. 

6. I don't have a constant need to be with people. I like my independence and would much rather spend a day by myself at the beach reading a book rather than going shopping with all my "girlfriends". And on that note, I'm a total, undeniable bookworm. I spend hours in Borders.

7. My mom is my best friend.

So there ya go! what are seven random facts about you?!

I just realized I don't have any new pictures to post.... SHAME ON ME!

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