it's a caffeine apocalypse!

I had waaaay too much coffee this morning and it wasn't even from Starbucks. I skipped the expensive route and actually drank coffee from home with french vanilla creamer. boy, it was deeeeelicious! 

I reminded myself of the girl in this video....

I literally couldn't sit still in math class this morning at 8am, so I made a list of random pieces of advice while taking notes at the same time:

1. make time to take the stairs instead of the elevators... even if you need to get to the sixth floor. 

2. three words for a monday morning: French Vanilla Coffee.

3. get dressed for and answer questions in your earliest class, because nobody else will.

4. naps are appreciated more now compared to when you were five. take lots of them.

5. bring a book to read just for fun. 

6. call mom when you have a bad day. 

7. call dad when you need a good laugh or cheesy joke.

the rest of my day is going to consist of jack johnson pandora radio, lunch, a long hot shower, and reading..... 

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